A New Book by Peter Levenda

Beginning with his research and subsequent capture in the Andes Mountains safe house known as Colonia Dignidad in Chile in 1979 to the equally remote cemetery in Surabaya, Indonesia thirty years later, Peter Levenda has been on the trail of the underground escape routes used by Nazi war criminals fleeing justice.  Now, for the first time anywhere, he reveals the extent to which Nazis fled — not only to Latin America and the Middle East — but to Asia as well.

And, in the process, discovers a secret so unbelievable that Levenda himself at first dismissed it as fiction … until faced with a mountain of evidence that suggests otherwise.

Is it possible, even likely, that one of the twentieth century’s most infamous political leaders — a man responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of human beings — could have escaped justice?  Is it possible that governments around the world collaborated in helping one of the world’s most despised murderers flee for his life?  And continued the cover-up long after he disappeared forever?

This story takes us through intelligence operations in Austria, monasteries in Italy, U-boat bases in Spain and Southeast Asia, a KGB mission in East Germany, secret police in Latin America … and ends in a crowded graveyard in the world’s most populous Muslim nation.  If this was fiction, no one would believe it.

But it’s fact.


Update:  (January 7, 2015)The third installment of my series on the Nazi underground — considered from various angles including political, economic, and religious — has been published.  It is entitled The Hitler Legacy and is available at amazon.com and Barnes and Noble bookstores and online.  Please take a look at its dedicated website, TheHitlerLegacy.com and at PeterLevenda.com for more information and updates as they become available.  Thanks!